Ecumenical group

Did you know that every Thursday the Anglican Church of Southwark community prays for parishioners of Rouen Cathedral?

Since 1994, the Catholic Cathedral of Rouen has maintained ecumenical relations with the Anglican Cathedral of Southwark, :xin London, south of the Thames.

These relations, initiated under the impulse of Father Larcher for Rouen and Pastor Roy White for Southwark, were sealed in a more official way in 1998 by the establishment of a convention between the two communities. Since then, several priests in Rouen and pastors in Southwark have succeeded each other, each time continuing the ecumenical exchanges between the two communities.

The members of these two communities, the priests and the pastors maintain their relations by organizing exchanges several times a year, by videoconference or in person. The Rouen delegation travels to London approximately once a year. The people of Rouen in turn welcome the members of the Southwark delegation a little later in the year.

The Saint-Evode Choirs and the Choir of Southwark Cathedral are also involved in these ecumenical links: The children of Saint-Evode Choir have traveled to London to sing at the offices of Southwark Cathedral, just as the singers of the latter have already come to add their voices to Sunday mass at Rouen Cathedral.

Picture of Southwark Anglican Cathedral, London

If you want to discover other aspects of the Christian religion and develop exchanges with other nations, do not hesitate to join the ecumenical group!

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